• Toni Tauber - Head of Property Management/Project Development

    Toni Tauber is the Head of Property Management and Project Development.  Toni joined Cornerstone Associates in the spring of 2012.  Her background in public development, management, and accounting has given Cornerstone Associates an advantage in today’s economy.  She was the former Executive Director of Economic Development for Knox County, Nebraska.  She served all communities within the county with private ventures, business development, housing programs, grant-writing, and their small business loan program.

  • Laura Frahm - Accountant

    Lisa Schmit recently changed roles for Cornerstone Associates from Property Manager to Bookkeeper.  This provides Cornerstone Associates with the ability to not only complete all bookkeeping needs for the companies, but also complete up to date financials to our investors.  Lisa's experience allows Cornerstone Associates to attract new customers who are in need of day to day bookkeeping, payroll processing, and payroll/sales tax filings.

  • Jennifer Besmer- Property Manager

She is responsibile for managing the rental properties, and senior housing complexes.  She works with tenants on any issues that arise, as well as takes care of filling open apartments with new tenants, as well as day to day operations with the rental properties.

  • Kim Boyle - Property Manager

Kim joined Cornerstone Associates as Property Manager in October 2014.  She is responsible for managing the motels Cornerstone Associates oversees.  This includes housekeeping, reservations, working with the convenience stores, guestall reservation maintenance, and website maintenance.